Mission Accomplished!

As one of the very first compatible ink and toner cartridge producers, Laserfleet blazed the industry trail. But we know we couldn’t have done it alone. Without the much appreciated loyalty and dedication given to us by our valued customers, we know we would not be the successful enterprise we are today.  

Our Mission: To provide complete customer satisfaction as an all encompassing provider of office solutions, entitling our customers to the best possible products and services, rendered for the lowest, most affordable costs.

Please read a small synopsis of what a few of our many satisfied customers are saying about Laserfleet. We think you’ll agree with us when we say “Mission Accomplished!”

An Auto Company

Dear Nancy,

Thank you very much for the cordiality extended to Nancy, Bill and me yesterday. Your company is providing an essential service to General Motors, and we hope it will enjoy continued success.
I hope our video turns out well. I think what we accomplished yesterday will look and sound good. When production is complete, I will send you a copy.



cc:  W. E. Moss, Audio/Visual
N. J. Schubring, E/E T&V

Let's Get it Together
General Motors Corporation
Milford, Michigan 48380-3726

A Law Firm

RE: Letter of Recommendation for Martin & Martin/Laserfleet

Prior to starting my employment with my Law firm, I was given a short list of pending "hot" projects from the departing director of MIS. One recommendation on the list was to purchase new printers in our Detroit, Bloomfield and Ann Arbor offices, which was an expensive outlay that I was prepared to support.

My personal evaluation of the current printer base was not good, as I felt the upkeep was done poorly. Our Service work was handled by a company in Southfield, at that time. Anytime a printer broke down, they were called out to fix our printer. As more printers broke, the fees starting adding up to a rather substantial amount. After talking with professionals in the industry, I called Martin & Martin/Laserfleet.

They came out and did a complete evaluation of our printer base. They recommended the removal of some the printers, but felt that by using their Prevent Care Program, they could get our present printing base up and running smoothly, for only a fraction of the cost it would take to purchase new printers with. After two years of using Prevent Care, we still find our printer base is running great, and we spent just a fraction of the cost it would have taken to replace our printers with.   

Martin & Martin/Laserfleet is an honorable vendor of printer services. Their work is speedy and diligent. They clearly identify the goal, the expected cost, and contingencies when appropriate. They work very hard to meet all of their goals, and their staff works in a similar manner. My experience with Martin & Martin/Laserfleet is positive, and I offer a recommendation of their services to others.


A University

To: Nancy Martin,

Martin & Martin/Laserfleet has been dedicated to our University since 1990. We started off with their aftermarket toner cartridge program, which over the years has been quite successful. Most of our Departments, located throughout the Metropolitan area, use them exclusively. Since that time, we have expanded our use of their repair services of our Hewlett Packard printers because of their knowledge and expertise. We have always found Martin & Martin/Laserfleet to be both accommodating and honest, and we recommend them.

university testimonials signature
Director of Purchasing

A Public School System

To Whom This Concerns:

Our school system has been a client of Martin & Martin/Laserfleet since 1991, well before I was hired to oversee the Technology Department. We started using their services for printer cartridges, and have continued to use that service as well as their services for printer maintenance and repair.  I have enjoyed working with Martin & Martin/Laserfleet, due to the personal attention, and commitment that we have received from them.

As a person who has also worked as a computer technician, I appreciate the work that Martin & Martin/Laserfleet has done for us.  I also appreciate their willingness to work with me and completely explain all work that is to be performed.  They have always been very timely, in a business where users are not always patient.

For these reasons I plan to continue using the services of Martin & Martin/Laserfleet, and would recommend them to customers looking for someone to maintain their printers, and supply toner cartridge recycling services.


Technology Coordinator

As a Subcontractor

To Whom This May Concern,

Martin & Martin/Laserfleet has been completing onsite service calls in the Detroit metropolitan area for B. I. Systems for the past four years. They are assigned to diverse clients with a varied number of computers, printers and problems. The calls have been completed quickly and professionally. Communication from Nancy Martin to our office has been exceptional.  It is a pleasure to work with a strong organization.

Thank You,

NSP Administrator


An Accounting Firm

To Whom This Concerns:

Our Accounting Offices have been using the services of Martin & Martin/Laserfleet for maintenance on our printers for the last 5 years. In that time, Martin & Martin/Laserfleet has always been punctual, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Martin & Martin/Laserfleet has shown me that they take their work very seriously, and that they know the components of the printers they work on in great detail. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who is in need of any kind of printer maintenance.

Very truly yours,

Systems Administrator DRJ

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