Printrak—Managed Print Services

Finally, a simple solution that streamlines your printer fleet   while maximizing cost controls! Wouldn’t it be nice to be rid of tracking multiple vendors and writing multiple checks? With Printrak, you make just one simple and affordable monthly payment, covering all of your imaging fleet expenses, including supplies and service. Also, our Printrak Print Management software is so advanced, it monitors, audits, reports and manages not just your printer fleet, but also copiers and fax devices!

What If You Could

  • Reduce imaging supplies costs by 30%?
  • Increase document security while boosting printer efficiencies?
  • Eliminate the need for multiple vendors and suppliers?
  • Eliminate hidden cost that’s eating at your imaging budget?
  • With a click of a mouse, create over thirty different budgetary and usage reports in Excel?
  • Pay a single, affordable monthly payment covering all your printer fleet cost?
  • Get a free printer fleet evaluation report?
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Total Control

A recent study conducted by HP revealed that 90% of most businesses have very little to no controls on their printer fleets. Having zero controls on printers can add up fast in wasteful hidden costs, anywhere from 10% to 20%! In addition, another 15% to 30% of additional cost savings can be achieved just by implementing our Cost Recovery Solutions, and/or blended Print Management techniques.

The ability to take control over all aspects of your imaging fleet is critical to any company. At Laserfleet, we’ll provide you with the necessary software tools and all required information to get you started on your way. Once you see how much money you’re saving, you’ll wonder why you never did it before!

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It's Raining Printers!

Most IT Departments lose complete track of their imaging devices, due to the fragmented purchasing that occurs within the company. This type of buying always leads to a hodgepodge of printers going every which way, creating supplies inventory problems, maintenance issues, multiple vendors, document flow problems and underutilized devices. Soon, the confusion turns into costly problems….

Luckily, our goal at Laserfleet is to quickly assess your printing environment, and then to help develop a strategic platform which will lead into more practical practices, such as a stronger deployment of your printer fleet, complete with centralized cost controls. We have the necessary software tools to analyze and then develop a better printer fleet structure, while continuing to drive down unnecessary costs.

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The Bottom Line

Combining a strategic assessment of your company’s document activities with just how your equipment is being utilized can save you thousands of dollars in supplies costs, imaging device costs, service calls, and hardware sales. Our expertise in Managed Print Services enables any company to develop practical solutions, in order to optimize their current printer fleet.

The insight you’ll gain during your imaging fleet analysis with us is priceless and will aid you in the future planning of strategic migration of imaging devices, document flow patterns, and your ability to redeploy printer resources. Call Laserfleet today to get your free printer assessment and analysis!

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Just the Facts
  • Printing costs drop by 30% or more, once employees realize their document printing is being tracked.
  • Up to 20% of calls to IT are caused by printer related problems.
  • The average supplies area has no controls on it, leaving it open to theft and abuse.
  • Toner purchases drop by 22% when inventory is regulated.
  • The main reason for early printer replacement: Poorly done service work and low printer upkeep.