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Printer Maintenance—A Modular Approach

Our Modular Approach Program is designed to let you pick and choose the service Modules that best fit your company’s needs. Each Module contains different, specific features, each tailored with the customer in mind. So whether you need just our basic 9 to 6 Service, Priority Service, Parts & Labor or the entire works, our Modular Approach Program has got you covered.

For over two decades, Laserfleet has been helping our customers to gain a greater understanding of their in house printer fleets. First, we take a complete assessment of your overall print fleet environment, and then we listen carefully to what you have to say. Once your questions have been answered and your concerns addressed, we give our input and show you what your options are. In the end though, you get to choose what’s right for you. And that just makes sense!

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Peace of Mind

Through our Modular Approach Program, you have the ability to set a fixed budget in advance for your entire printer fleet repair costs. No more waiting on pre approvals or worrying about surprise service bills. And just knowing that we have staff standing by and available 24x7 affords our customers that rest-easy mindset which everyone should enjoy! All you need to do is pick up the phone, and we’ll have a Service Engineer onsite for you, right away. 

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Free Technical Support

At Laserfleet, 28% of all service calls requested are avoidable and easily resolved over the phone, both quickly and for free! We gladly take time with our customers, on the phone, in order to answer any questions that you may have, either about equipment, supplies, or just simply how to best handle a situation. With our free Tech Support Line, you’re printing again fast, minus the downtime and plus the money still in your pocket!

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Because you depend upon your printers in order to do your job, you can depend upon Laserfleet to keep your printers operating when you need them to. We know how important is to get your work done when you want to, but when your printer breaks down, waiting for a repair company to open or for a technician to show up onsite can throw a wrench into the best of plans. At Laserfleet, we have an operational staff of experienced Call Center Representatives and Service Engineers standing by and available 24x7, waiting to provide you with the dependable service and support that you should expect.

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Priority Response

With other companies, it doesn’t matter how much you pay for their service, or what they’ve promised you. If a Service Engineer doesn’t show up when you need one to, then of what use are they to you?  At Laserfleet, we understand. When you have an urgent print job to do and need immediate repair, anytime, day or night, we’ll make it happen for you! We realize your printers are important to you, and that’s why you are important to Laserfleet!

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Printer Solutions
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