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Easy Order Login Center

Feel the Power and take Control over your in-house equipment inventory and supplies ordering, through our Easy Order Login Center. Our system is so easy to use, yet advanced enough to track any location’s printers as well as who uses which supplies and when they’re ordered. All this while retaining your own private, easy to use catalog, specific to any supply you’ve ordered in the past and will ever need to order in the future!

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Login Center Features
  • One Click Desktop Ordering ~ No usernames or passwords to remember.
  • Customized Product Catalog Creation ~ No more memorizing the products you need to order. We do all the work for you!
  • Single Sites or Multiple Sites with Satellite Accounts ~ Have more than one location? Not a problem with our Easy Order Login Center. You can order and track products, and trace expenditures, either for 1 office or for 100!
  • Master Overseer Control ~ You hold the key to all ordering and spending activities for every department.
  • Accountability with our Unique “Delivery by Department” Feature ~ Provides you the ability to breakdown exactly where each toner cartridge went to, who used it, and how many, over a course of any given time span.
  • And much, much more!
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Single Locations
  • The location is given a professionally encrypted and hacker-proof login.
  • View all current and past ordering histories.
  • Track spending by month, quarter and year.
  • Generate purchasing and usage reports.
  • Create your own personalized products catalog, listing only the products that you or your organization orders.
  • All private catalogs are customizable, allowing you to add or subtract products as needed.
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Multiple Sites and Satellite Locations
  • View all current and past order histories for all satellite accounts.
  • Track spending by month, quarter and year for all satellite locations.
  • Generate purchasing and usage reports for all satellite locations.
  • A selected individual has a master password for access to all accounts for the purpose of reviewing purchasing habits and generating reports.
  • The selected individual can control which product lists their various locations are able to access.
  • All private catalogs are customizable, allowing for the addition or subtraction of items as needed.
  • Can add or renew purchasing orders for different locations.
  • Can create, revoke or change passwords as necessary for all locations.
  • Each satellite may login to their own location only, while the overseer may login to all locations.
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Inventory Tracking
& Management Facts

  • Tracking and Managing Inventory is Crucial to Cost Control.
  • With No Controls Placed Upon It, Supplies Ordering is Open to Over Spending.
  • The Average Company Overstocks on Toner and Ink, between $500-$1500!
  • Toner Purchases Dropped 22% when Inventory was Regulated.
  • 95% of Satellite Locations Have No Purchasing Restraints Placed upon Them, Including from Whom They Buy and How Much.
  • 9 out of 10 Buyers Have No Idea of Which Kinds and How Many Printers Their Company Owns.